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In recent years, the smart building world has accelerated. Smart buildings, especially in connection with the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, are increasingly being seen as valuable investments in our technology-driven world. We as Mapiq are positioned in the midst of these developments. We would like to share with you our insights and knowledge about the trends we see in the market of the modern office, smart buildings and smart software. We have summarized our industry knowledge into the following reports and whitepapers.

White papers

Smart Building Ecosystems

To me, the key to a smart building is collaboration. This whitepaper aims to provide an overview of the knowledge we as Mapiq have obtained in the last years. I hope it provides new insights and helps build strong partnerships. Sander Schutte, CEO of Mapiq


Over 25 pages of fresh insights, beautiful visuals and valuable information.

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Blog Reports

Smart Building Trends 2017

2017. Mapiq is positioned right in the middle of the smart building playing field. What are going to be the trends in the smart building world? And how can you distinguish a well-thought-of operational smart building platform from a mediocre one? These are the most important trends and focus-points according to the Mapiq team.

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Software-as-a-Service: The foundation of succesful multi-tenancy buildings?

Sharing and collaborative consumption are rapidly growing in popularity. Think about Airbnb (home sharing) or Uber (ride sharing). We expect this trend to reach the world of office buildings in the near future.

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The App Ecosystem

Organizations are searching for a new way of organizing. The workplace transforms; the organization is organically built around collaboration. This new mode of organization — a “network of teams” with a high degree of empowerment, strong communication, and rapid information flow — is gaining in popularity all around the world.

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