Workplace Availability

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Not having to worry about finding the right workplace makes your day so much more productive. Mapiq always has an up to date workplace availability overview ready. Finding an available desk will be a matter of seconds.


The modern office is highly dynamic: people do not have a fixed desk and office hours are flexible. A considerable upside to this revolution is a saving in housing costs. However, employees often spend a lot of time searching for available work places and meeting rooms.

Mapiq helps employees find vacant workplaces that suit their activities. There are times when you want to be surrounded by co-workers, and there are times when you want to work in peace and quiet.

A phone showing a list of workplaces, indicating the amount of available places per room.


Vacant workplaces are often hard to find, especially on a Monday morning. In high-rise office buildings that means scouting multiple floors for a free desk. Highlighting vacant workplaces is a first step towards efficient office use. Mapiq helps you find the setting you are looking for by providing insight into the occupancy of different parts of the building. The interface lets you know, in the blink of an eye, where the crowded areas are. Whether those are the ones you are looking for, or the ones you are trying to avoid.

Mapiq visualizes the available workplaces, so you know exactly where you need to go. It allows you to search for the right type of workplace; a concentration booth or a group workplace with the right capacity.

An iPad with a 3D interface showing gages and colors.
Gages and colors give an instant overview of crowded and quiet areas.


Walk-in meeting rooms can be beneficial: people can just pick a free meeting room and use it as long as they need it. On the downside, it can be time-consuming to search your whole office for an available meeting room.

Mapiq can use sensors to check presence in each room to visualize which rooms are occupied instantly. Mapiq can read-out the data from a building management (HVAC) system, or from a wireless sensor network which we can put in place.

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