Super Simple Room Booking

It’s about finding the right place, at the right time

Successful meetings ask for the right meeting room. Mapiq’s room reservation feature provides insight into the rooms' schedules and makes it easy to book shortly in advance.

Booking a room, the easy way

Every business meeting needs a place that fits. Making a room booking should be an easy and transparent process for any office environment. In practice however, the task of booking a room is often experienced as frustrating. Due to this frustration people tend to book rooms far in advance and no-shows are a commonly perceived problem. Mapiq changes this.

A block schedule interface showing available time slots.
With Mapiq, it’s super easy to find an available time slot. Just drag the time selection slider and the available rooms light up.

Mapiq helps to make room booking as easy as possible. Finding an available room that suits your activities is effortless. The availability of the rooms is visualized and updated live in the interactive map. Booking owners are reminded of their booking by email. In case of a cancelation, the booking can be removed with just a single click.

A block schedule interface showing available time slots.
The unique combination of 3d map and detailed booking overview.

Efficient: integrate with existing systems

Room booking can be implemented with our off-the-shelve booking engine that is tailored for making quick reservations. Integration with an existing room booking system or resource manager (such as Microsoft Exchange, Planon, Axxerion or TOPdesk) is also possible. These systems are used as a data source in this situation. The existing interfaces remain fully functional.

Mapiq offers seamless integration with facility management systems, so you can easily book services such as lunch or conference equipment along with your booking. As a facility manager you can monitor usage statistics of the bookable rooms in a separate dashboard and generate reports that help you maximize usage efficiency of these rooms.

Flexible: a smart building with sensors

Mapiq loves sensor data. Motion sensors in meeting rooms can improve meeting room efficiency by providing up to date information on the room's occupation. When nobody shows up, the reservation can be removed automatically. When a meeting ends early, the room can be released automatically.

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