Event Calendar

Be aware of what’s happening around you

There’s always something going on at the office. From birthday celebration to symposium; Mapiq displays what’s happening when and where. You'll never miss out on an event ever again.

Showing the events that happen in the building

Mapiq shows all events that take place within the building on both everybody’s own device and on public touch screens. Instead of conventional digital signage, events are displayed as part of the application. The event calendar provides you with an overview of all upcoming events and shows their locations. Meeting rooms show their upcoming events and bookings. When an event is selected, Mapiq displays the details and highlights the fasted walking route.

Table with a laptop showing Mapiq’s interface.
Discover what’s happening around the office from behind your desk.

Social and efficient

When you make a booking via Mapiq, the event can be added to an event calendar. Once a booking is marked as a ‘public event’ it is automatically displayed in the event calendar. In addition, Mapiq fully integrates with all common calendar systems, such as MS Exchange and Google Calendar.

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