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Sharing your location has never been easier

The office is a place to cooperate. Mapiq allows coworkers to share their location, taking spontaneous meetings to the next level. With Mapiq, you can meet up anywhere in the office.

The office as a meeting place

In the modern office, maintaining contact with your colleagues can be a challenge. Remote working and activity related workplaces transform the office into a dynamic place where people come and go. Being able to work at anytime, anywhere in the building, provides great flexibility. However, this way of working often decreases face-to-face contact and spontaneous meetings which threatens effective teamwork.

Mapiq allows you to find colleagues who share their location. Stopping by and having a quick chat is faster and more effective than sending an elaborate email.

Social: share your location

We value privacy highly. This is the reason why we made the sharing of one’s location as transparent as can be.

Everyone gets to decide for themselves whether they want their location to appear in Mapiq or not. We understand that there might be times at which you want to work without any interferings. But if you do decide to share your location with colleagues, we will make sure all goes well.

The menu shows a list of meeting rooms (all unavailable), the map shows where they are.
Colleagues who share their location show up in the 3d map.


Mapiq supports manual check-in, automatic check-in on thin clients with a fixed location and automatic WiFi localization. With our indoor localization WiFi algorithms, locations are always up to date.


Mapiq can be integrated with unified communication solutions. With a Microsoft Lync integration, for instance, your status (available or busy) can be added to Mapiq. Whenever you have a scheduled meeting, Mapiq will automatically update your status so your colleagues can see that you are busy.

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