Business Intelligence for your building

The perfect office needs a balanced lay out. Mapiq collects and analyzes anonymized data about the use of each office facility, allowing you to optimize the efficiency.

Business Intelligence for your building

The modern office can be both attractive and efficient. Apart from the benefits for end users, Mapiq also provides detailed insight for facility managers. Housing costs are a large part of the costs in any organization and an improvement in the use of real estate reduces costs considerably.

The workplace should fit the organization like a glove. What type of meeting rooms do I need the most? How can I improve the layout of the least popular floor? Which satellite offices get used the least?

Photo of a laptop screen showing a graph
The analytics dashboard provides the insights needed to optimize the office environment.

Efficient: a Smart Building helps making informed decisions

With Mapiq, the building's users will tell you what they need. Our easy-to-use dashboard provides you with clear insights into the key metrics of the office. What your users want, the number of bookings made, the measured use of the workplaces and meeting rooms, etcetera. Any real-time data that is visualized in Mapiq, from available concentration workplaces to the availability of lockers, is automatically included in the Mapiq Analytics platform.

Mapiq Analytics gives you the ability to close down unused office sections and invest in the areas your colleagues love and use.

Social: we value privacy

We value privacy very highly. All data that is included in the analytics platform is anonymized. Individual coworkers cannot be tracked with Mapiq Analytics.

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