A smart 3D map

Your office in beautiful 3D

At the heart of Mapiq’s web-application lies a beautiful 3D map. It’s the ideal way to get more insight in the building, navigate through it, orientate yourself and find your bearings.

The building at your fingertips

Mapiq is optimized for touchscreens and runs on nearly all modern devices. The floorplans show how the building is laid out and help you navigate its rooms and hallways. All of Mapiq's features, like the event calendar and available workplaces, are visualized on the map.The informative 3d view makes Mapiq an accessible application that is easy to understand. The data shown in Mapiq is always up-to-date. When the user makes a room reservation, the results are processed immediately. Because, in our opinion, data should always be up to date.

Flexible: find what you need

Events, available meeting rooms, your colleagues' workplaces; the map shows what's up. Apart from browsing the office, Mapiq can also perform quick searches through all of its data. Search results light up in the map immediately.

The menu shows a list of meeting rooms (all unavailable), the map shows where they are.
Mapiq integrates a 3D Map with an interactive guide


To use the map to its full potential we have combined Mapiq’s 3D map with a guide. The right side of the user-interface shows a neatly organized list of everything in the office. This menu makes it possible to search for co-workers, workspaces and events in an orderly fashion. The 3D map supports the menu by showing where the searched items are. One click and the results are visualized.

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