Mapiq at the TU Delft

Mapiq at the pinnacle of innovation

Mapiq empowers the students of the TU Delft to use the commodities of this renowned campus and its landmark university library in the most efficient way possible.

TU Delft’s library

The TU Delft Library — arguably the most iconic location on the campus — is the largest technical scientific library of The Netherlands. Moreover, it is not just a library. During its renovation in 2010, it was turned into a Library Learning Centre. The Library has become a meeting point where students can share research and knowledge or find a place to study. With an inspiring interior, specially designed relaxation areas and many stimulating activities, the university library shows how to embrace the future.

The TU Delft is the highest ranked Dutch University in the World Reputation Ranking 2014 of Higher Education. It is the epicenter of technological innovation in the Netherlands. 2


The TU Delft Library beholds a future in which students regain their responsibility. Being a student means that you are finally allowed to make your own decisions and plan your own life. Mapiq empowers students to book rooms and check workplace availability in real-time, without having to consult the library's staff. This allows them to use the workspace and their time more effectively.

“We want to use the space we have in the most efficient way. Data from Mapiq provides insight into the occupancy of our rooms so we could make well-grounded decisions on the layout of our building.”

Liesbeth Mantel, Head of Open Spaces TU Delft Library at TU Delft

“We believe it is important to let students be personally responsible for their workplace and its reservations. To do this, we're giving them the opportunity to book rooms themselves, on their owns terms. Mapiq allows them to book a classroom on the fly, no matter where they are. This cutting edge system sets the bar for the future. One of our goals is; be a pioneer. Mapiq helps us do exactly that. It keeps us one step ahead of all other libraries.”

Marion van Putten, TU Delft Library Liaison Open Spaces

Students see eye to eye on the vision of TU Delft. They are the ones who are experiencing the advantages from Mapiq directly.

“I’m very satisfied with this system. It is user-friendly and allows me to accurately plan my day. The three hour time limit prevents people from hogging classrooms. Mapiq really seems to be taking off. I see a lot of people using it nowadays.”

Christine Driesen, Student

The library’s office workers also enjoy the benefits of Mapiq on a daily basis. It has fundamentally changed the way they work.

I really like working with this system. It has a very organized feel to it and it is easy-to-use. People seem to think so too, because I get fewer questions every day.

Odette Bakvis, Library host

In practice

Every month, over 1300 students use Mapiq for:

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