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The New Ways of Working at city office Zijlpoort

Haarlem embraces the modern office

Municipality of Haarlem

Haarlem is one of the most beautiful ancient cities in the Netherlands. But even though the city might be old, it embraces new developments. Over the last years the Municipality of Haarlem has implemented “the modern ways of working” at several locations. Zijlpoort is one of the offices. With the introduction of flextime working, in which people no longer have fixed workplaces, the collaboration between employees has changed.

At the corner of the Raaks and the Muted Old Canal stands the Zijlpoort, traditionally the main post office in Haarlem. The monumental building (1920) was designed by the architect J. Crouwel. The Zijlpoort has multiple wings that were built after World War II and are now renewed. The parts of the building are connected to each other by a transparent zone with corridors and stairs. The 13,000 m2 of office space consists of a variety of custom and standard workstations. 1


In 2011, the municipality of Haarlem started its transformation towards the modern ways of working. Employees no longer work at a fixed place; everyone can choose where they want to work every day. The time at which they work can also vary: employees are no longer bound to the 9 to 5 mentality. This offers advantages, but also makes working together more complicated. How and where you will meet the people you need to be in contact with to do your job well?

All workplaces in the city of Haarlem are now technically ready to support the flextime working due to Mapiq. Mapiq ensures that the workplace availability is directly visible for all employees. This enables them to make better use of the work areas and their time!

In addition, the municipality of Haarlem was looking for ways to get more insight in the the occupancy of the building. This way, they can perceive whether there are enough workplaces in the building based on quantitative data and respond to these observations.

“It is very strategic and effective to have access to data about the occupancy of our office to support our decisions. We often receive complaints that it is too busy in the building. Mapiq will provide us with insight in our occupation and enable us to make well-founded decisions.”

Hetty Koopman, Head of Department Support Services and Documentary Information Services

Not only the employer and employee experience the benefits of using Mapiq. Visitors can also use the system.

“Last week a visitor came into our building because he had a meeting. Through Mapiq he could immediately see where his meeting was and how he could get there the fastest. It was very nice to see that people outside the organization can use this system so everyone can use of the building effectively.”

Hetty Koopman, Head of Department Support Services and Documentary Information Services

In practice

Haarlem’s employees use Mapiq on a daily basis for:

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