Well-being at the office, more than you might imagine...

What do you think affects your well-being at work the most?

By Tobias Froehlich 

When I started my graduation project at Mapiq, I thought well-being was all about moving more, eating healthy, and seeking good air and light. It didn’t take long for me to realize that there’s actually much more to well-being than that. 

After diving into literature and running contextmapping workshops, I learned that well-being is also heavily influenced by the relationships people have with their coworkers. Coworkers affect your energy level, your sense of purpose and motivation, your feeling of belonging, and several other factors. As I reflected on my own experience working at two large companies, I realized how much that rang true. 

well-being is heavily influenced by the relationships people have with their coworkers

But what kind of relationships are good for well-being? It’s not just about having coworkers whom you can depend on to deliver on-time, quality work. It’s also about having a mutual, open commitment with your colleagues. It’s about having mutual care and concern for each other. With these kinds of relationships in place, we can achieve true happiness and well-being in the workplace.

Since relationships are so central to well-being at work, I am now focusing my project on strengthening them. The main question I want to answer is, how can we at Mapiq apply technology to build meaningful connections between people in the office? 

As it turns out, this objective is well in line with where Mapiq’s product design is heading. In its user-centered applications, Mapiq is already enabling colleagues to find each other, and now we will work together to build strong communities that are based on trust and that support well-being.

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