Mapiq is FD Gazelle!

This year Mapiq is FD Gazelle! 

Het Financieel Dagblad, organizes the ‘FD Gazelle Awards’ every year for the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. There are two main criteria that must be met by all companies in order to qualify for the award. The company obtained an annual growth rate of 20 percent or more in the last three years and the must be healthy financially.

It’s been a fantastic year for all of us here at Mapiq. Some of our highlights; we’ve made our first steps towards international success, started some great new projects, started using Bluetooth for the localization of people in the office, gave our first automated booking suggestions, published our first paper and – last but not least - our team has doubled in size! We’re happy to say we can top off what’s been an exciting year with a reward like this.

Sander Schutte: “For me as an entrepreneur, the team is really the most important. We grow fast, which can sometimes be very turbulent. When your team is stable in times like that, you know you can take on even bigger challenges”

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Author: Anne Wernand

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