Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy that applies to You when using Our Apps.


In this Privacy Policy, words that start with a capital letter have the meaning set out in this paragraph.

App: An app for Your mobile device, made by Us, available through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or the Windows Store.
Mapiq: Our service, which helps people to work smarter and use office space more efficiently.
Employer: Your employer, who has purchased a Mapiq subscription and entitles you to use Mapiq (also referred to as “Them” and “Their”). In some cases, the party who lets You use Mapiq might not literally be your employer. In those cases, Employer should be interpreted as the subscription holder of the Mapiq subscription you will be using.
Privacy: Your legal entitlement to not have your personal data, location and activities disclosed to the general public.
Privacy Policy: The rules that govern Your Privacy when using Our Apps, as set down in this document.
You: You, as user of an App (also referred to as “Your”).
We: The Dutch limited liability company Blinq Systems B.V. operating under the trade name Mapiq (also referred to as “Us” and “Our”) and registered at Molengraaffsingel 10, 2629 JD, Delft, in the Netherlands, reachable at

How is this Privacy Policy structured?

We like software and apps We immediately understand. That is why We have opted for a Privacy Policy in the format of frequently asked questions, so that the Privacy Policy is both easily readable and understandable. In case You still have questions after reading it, however, You can contact Us at We will gladly answer Your questions.

What do We do with Your personal data?

The functionality of Our Apps rely on whether You have turned on location services on Your device. If You did, We only use this location data and Your personal data to offer You the functionality of Our App. For instance, We use information about Your location to offer you services pertinent to Your whereabouts in the office, such as to find a nearby available workplace, or to control the light settings in your direct environment. If You have opted to be visible to Your colleagues, they will be able to see Your current location and personal data. We do not keep any historical data on Your whereabouts: only Your current location is used and stored. We will furthermore not disclose Your location data to third parties.

With whom do We share Your personal data?

In order for Our Apps to work, We receive Your personal data from Your Employer. Depending on what Your Employer decides to share, this may include Your name, e-mail address, telephone number and department. We do not share these data with anybody else.

In some cases, Your Employer may have requested Us to provide Them with information on how Their building and facilities are being used. Likewise, We collect data that we may, in the future, use to analyse how Our Apps are used. In both cases, however, the data collected are anonymous and cannot be tied to You in any way.

Where do We store Your personal data?

We store Your personal data on Our servers in the Netherlands. We will never store Your personal data outside of the European Union (E.U.) or European Economic Area (E.E.A.).

How long do We store Your personal data?

We never store Your personal data longer than is necessary to provide You with the services offered through Our App.

Can You request Us to modify or see Your personal data?

In case You would like to see what data we process of You, You can send a request to After that You can request Us to modify and/or change Your personal data, in case it is still being processed by that time.

Can We change this Privacy Policy unilaterally?

We can change this Privacy unilaterally. However, in case of a detrimental change for You, We will notify You within a reasonable amount of time, so You can remove the App in case You don’t agree with the new Privacy Policy.

Which law applies?

This Privacy Policy is governed by the laws of the Netherlands and the international legal instruments binding on the Netherlands.