Unleash your office

Work smarter and use the office more effectively.
Mapiq shows everything you want to know about your workplace in an intelligent 3D map.

See the difference

The way we work is changing and the modern office is a lively place to work. Mapiq will help you get the most out of your office.

Be flexible

With Mapiq, it’s easy to see what’s happening when, and where.

Flexible use of space and changing office hours requires a new approach to work. Recurring meetings are a thing of the past.

Mapiq embraces flexibility and focussus on agile scheduling, ad-hoc meetings and rapid and easy changes of time or location.

Be efficient

When you know exactly what’s going on, it’s easy to use every hour to the fullest.

The modern office is a dynamic place to work. Every day is different: people sit at different desks, rooms have changing schedules, free workplaces can be hard to find and events come and go.

It can be difficult to work efficiently in the modern office. Mapiq strives to be your perfect office companion and shows you where to go.

Be Social

Mapiq helps turning the office into a pleasant social hub in which working together comes natural.

Working from home, always changing desks, or on a demanding schedule? Keeping in touch with colleagues can be a real challenge. Practical problems block fruitful collaborations.

Coworkers need to be able to work together for them to achieve the best results.

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